Talking Santa 3D Movezz

And you’ve been cheated too?
tired of unfulfilled promises? Overdue for all imaginable time frame? Ask for one thing, but you get the cookies? Best girl went to other guy?
No more impressive dressed Uncle Nick (Todd) with a beard stuck out of the house next door? We found someone who stands behind all of this!
Look Santa right in the eyes – let him give the answers for all unfulfilled desires!
Finally, you can:
– Throw a snowball
– Pull the beard
– Select gifts
– Kick (push)
– Record your or someones voice and santa will answer to you with a silly fairy-taду voice.
Now the old wretch will listen carefully to your wishes.

And if it does not work, there are a couple of very “sophisticated” methods, including:
– And tickle
– Danced the old man

Watch out! Please take into consideration, he may answer! But we believe in you, with your device you make it out =)

Download Santa now! Friends need to keep close, and Santa – in your pocket;) 


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